Mission of A 2nd Chance 
Prison door

  A 2nd CHANCE, Inc. creates and facilitates comprehensive and innovative programs as intervention for youth at risk of developing anti-social attitudes and criminal habits which can lead to incarceration at a state correctional institution for juveniles.

Vision of A 2nd Chance
​A 2nd CHANCE, Inc. with the cooperation of at risk youth, can change the anti-social attitudes, criminal thinking, negative behavior, and habits that will lead the youth most certainly to incarceration in a state institution.

Unlock Potential

Our main objective is to provide CHOICES
​To unlock the potential of these youths, challenge them to envision a rewarding future for themselves through belief in their developing abilities to make that rewarding future a reality. Our program YOUR CHOICE: Prison/Death or Change will give the participants the opportunity to learn the basics of what it takes to be a mature adult, whether male or female. Learn more about our program


 To reduce juvenile incarceration into state institutions by 60% and cut recidivism to the County Juvenile Detention Centers by 70% plus.

  • ​Working with at risk youth
  • ​On Site Program – YOUR CHOICE: Prison/Death or Change 

    “It is easier to raise up a strong child than it is to repair a damaged man.”
    – Frederick Douglass